Promotional films

A series of short movies dedicated to different Lambretta models and activities. This collection includes the beautifully made videos of Pathé productions

Promotional films

Pathé productions

Lambretta folding caravan, 1959

Lambretta scooter tent, 1959

Amphibious Water Scooter, 1960

Problem Dogs Aka Cannine Sic Defence League, 1960

Innamorati, 1965

Scooter Rally Beware. Other Colour Pics Share This Title, 1964

Other promotional productions

International Lambretta club motorally in Switzerland, 1959


New clothes to travel in scooter, 1960


Stabilimenti Innocenti Milano, 60’s


Lambretta ‪Sogni in Libertà

Italian (you can find the English version of this film below)

Lambretta Travel Far and Wise

English version of “Sogni in Libertà”

Holiday Lambretta