02 MAY 2023

Iconic Italian scooter brand Lambretta has unveiled two new models as part of its 75th birthday celebrations: the range-topping G350 and the sporty X300.

Both single-cylinder scooters took centre stage at the recent Milan Design Week, and will go on sale locally in 2023 alongside the V-Special 50 and V-Special 200.

The G350’s roots can be tracked back to the ‘G325 Special’, which was exhibited at the 2019 EICMA motorcycle show – and on the cusp of a 2020 production launch before the pandemic scuttled that plan.

Two years later, the G325 has now morphed into the higher-displacement G350, positioned at the top of the premium classic scooter market and representing the high-end extension of the existing V-Special range.

Its design is inspired by the classic Lambrettas of the past, and underneath the bodywork is a steel monocoque frame with interchangeable side panels.

The model has double linkage front suspension, 12-inch tyres, dual-channel ABS and a TFT display, while the 330cc liquid-cooled engine produces 19.2kW (25.8hp) and 25.5Nm.

Meanwhile, the innovative X300 was a real showstopper in Milan, with the ‘X’ naming convention the beginning of a new product line for the company.

The X300 features sporty and tapered lines and the signature Lambretta fixed fender (it points straight ahead irrespective of handlebar position), while the chassis is a semi-monocoque design with the shield, footboard and side panels all made from steel.

The X also has double linkage front suspension and shock absorber, as well as dual-channel ABS, LED lighting and keyless start.

It’s powered by a 275cc engine, with only marginally less grunt – 0.75kW and 1Nm – than the G350.

Both scooters are slated to start production at the end of 2022, with pricing and colours to be announced by Lambretta Australia closer to the pair’s arrival date in 2023.

The V-Special 50 and V-Special 200 currently retail for $3590 (plus ORC) and $4990 (plus ORC) respectively, available with the traditional fixed or flex fender. For more information, visit

Lambretta was founded by Italian visionary Ferdinando Innocenti, who saw the demand for cheap transport post-WWII. His first machine, the model A, was released in 1947 – a ‘naked’ 123cc two-stroke.

The ‘enclosed’ 125 LC model was launched three years later, and was the forerunner to the more modern scooter look.

Now, 72 years later, new pages in the storied Lambretta history book are being written with the G350 and X300.