Music videos

Music industry likes to be surrounded by the inspiration of a classic, and there’s no classic scooter like Lambretta.

Music videos

Videos where Lambretta’s makes appearance or plays and important role

The Moody Blues Your Wildest Dreams, 1986

On the video you can see a Lambretta LI series 3, which side panels and front mudguard have been removed.

Fine Young Cannibals, ‪Good Thing, 1989

A series of Lambrettas and other scooters appear in different scenes of this video

New Radicals, You Get What You Give, 1998

Several Lambrettas Series 3 enter in the the shopping mall

The Black Eyed Peas, Don’t Lie, 2005

The singer rides in a Lambretta LI Series 3.

Janet Jackson, Got Til It’s Gone, 2006

Lambretta LI 125 Series 2.

D-Strutters, Prayer on the road, 2007

Songs inspired by the Lambretta spirit

The Vendettas, Red Lambretta, 1977

The Ants, Lambretta Love, 1977

Soul Kid #1 ft. P. Fortier, She loves her Lambretta, 2010

António Zambujo, Lambreta, 2012