Humble Beginnings

More than 70 years ago, the rich Italian heritage gave birth to two competing scooter brands that soon would conquer the world with their classic designs, quality, and ability to attract young people to enjoy the comfort of friendship, art and music.


Lambrate, the fashionable district (quartiere), is located within the Zone 3 administrative division of Milan, 6km northeast of the city centre. It owes its name to the Lambro River that traverses the area. The district is well known for Parco Lambro, a large urban park established in 1934 and for being the birthplace of the famous Lambretta motor scooter, manufactured and named after the district. The premium Lambretta marque embodied strong individualism and superior quality. The Milan-born Lambretta was already an expression of independence, individualism, and extravagant style in the1960s, while its sister from Rome was more feminine and elegant. The two became ever competing.


Nowadays, thousands of Lambrettisti all over the world and top-class celebrities still can’t keep their hands off the style icon. Art lovers admire the cheeky and handsome Lambretta. No wonder, even today, 70 years after Lambretta was born, the models are still irresistible.